About Us

Joker Roulette is an entertainment website with the mission of spreading the funniest, most interesting content that appear throughout the internet. We try our best to update it daily with the newest, trendy, most viral and most entertaining content available.

This project started with a couple of friends wanting to collect and share some of the experiences that we considered to be entertaining and a source of laughter and amazement, shock and wonder, chilling and thrilling.

We have no intention of offend anyone with our articles and we do our best to provide you with only the relevant and most interesting content.

However if you do fell offended by anything in particular that we have published here, we urge you to keep an open mind and remember that we do not produce any of the material here, and we only redistribute it. We also ask you to consider that most of this content is intended to entertain you and not cause you any grief.

Remember that sometimes humour can be considered as slightly disruptive to someone, and you should be receptive to one's freedom of speech.

Nonetheless we hope that your stay here can be as entertaining as possible and please, remember to have fun.